Smile Restoration

Pediatric Dentist Oak Ridge

At our pediatric dental practice, we understand the importance of providing our young patients with the best possible care. That’s why we offer composite fillings as a treatment option for restoring teeth. Composite fillings are a safe and effective way to restore the appearance and health of your child’s teeth.

Made of a tooth-colored resin, composite fillings provide a natural look, blend in with the surrounding teeth, and are durable enough to last for many years.

We can help you decide whether composite resin fillings are right for your child. To request an appointment, contact Confident Kids Pediatric Dentistry today.

Pediatric Dentist Oak Ridge

Natural Appearance

Composite fillings are tooth-colored and blend seamlessly with your child’s natural teeth. They provide a discreet and aesthetically pleasing solution for cavities, making the fillings virtually invisible.

Less Drilling Required

Using composite fillings typically requires less drilling compared to traditional metal fillings. This allows Dr. Schweizer to preserve more of your child’s natural tooth structure, resulting in a stronger and healthier tooth.

No Mercury Content

Unlike amalgam fillings, composite fillings do not contain mercury. This makes them a safer option for your child’s health, avoiding potential concerns associated with mercury exposure.

Strong and Durable

Composite fillings are made from a durable resin material that bonds directly to the tooth structure. This bonding process helps restore the tooth’s strength and function, providing a long-lasting and reliable solution for cavities.

Versatile and Multi-Use

Composite fillings are versatile and can be used to repair a variety of dental issues, including cavities, chipped teeth, and gaps between teeth. This makes them a flexible and effective option for restoring your child’s smile.

Composite fillings blend seamlessly with your child’s natural teeth, providing a discreet solution for cavities. They also require less drilling, preserving more of the healthy tooth structure and ensuring a stronger, healthier tooth.